Daily Archive: March 3, 2021

Lot 318 Gerald Scarfe Pink Floyd – The Wall The Teacher and the Mincing Machine, oil on canvas

Sotheby’s Auction of Pink Floyd’s The Wall Original Paintings – See the Artwork up close

Gerald Scarfe created the iconic album artwork that accompanied The Wall album. His style is instantly recognisable and brought an already vivid album to life. Whether it was the wraparound simple image of the actual Wall, the marching hammers, the Teacher pushing those poor children to their psychological limits, or that flower doing you know what! Good news for those...

EMI Tape Box Folio Pink Floyd 6

Pink Floyd The Dark Side of the Moon EMI Tape Box Folio – Side One

Collectors with some spare cash knocking about will be very pleased to learn that Abbey Road Studios Store has a wonderful and limited edition item available from 5th March 2021 (pre-orders taken). Best get in there quick before they are all gone! This does appear to be a box with no recording in. Discuss on the forum. Here is a...

2021-03 Classic Rock Magazine Pink Floyd

Pink Floyd in Classic Rock Magazine

Pink Floyd has of course made the front cover of Classic Rock Magazine! There is also material in there from Kate Bush who was good friends with David Gilmour of course, he helped bring her to fame. The material in the magazine covers how Roger Waters and David Gilmour reinvented Syd’s Barrett’s Pink Floyd band. Discuss the magazine content on...