Monthly Archive: December 2021

Pink Floyd Bootlegs Streaming

Pink Floyd Bootlegs on Streaming Platforms

Pink Floyd Music Limited has discreetly released a load of Pink Floyd RoIO’s (Record of Illegitimate/Indeterminate Origin) on streaming services like Spotify, in what is probably a move to elongate the copyright claim to their earlier albums, given that copyright expires after 70 years if the work has not been used. The PF Music Limited company owns the back catalogue I think before Roger left, and has Roger Waters, David Gilmour and Nick Mason as its owners. It is a separate entity to Pink Floyd (1987) Limited which Gilmour and Mason own. Regarding Bob Dylan material, an employee of Sony Music said in 2012, “The copyright law in Europe was recently extended from 50 to 70 years for everything recorded in 1963 and beyond. With everything before that, there’s a new ‘Use It or Lose It’ provision. It basically said, ‘If you haven’t used the recordings in the first 50...

Pink Floyd Pulse 2022 Packshot

New Pink Floyd Pulse Concert Film for 2022 Complete with Flashing Light

Order a copy from or Pink Floyd is releasing the restored concert footage of Pulse, that was done for the massive Later Years Box set, as a standalone product. If you are not ready to invest in the big box of goodies, you will be able to enjoy the Pulse concert in all its glory without degradation of video tape. Its out in February 2022 and the Animals release, that is very eagerly anticipated, should be out in June 2022. There are two discs in the package with the first containing the concert film with the new enhanced video quality. It really does look a lot better now that it has been recaptured from the source and re-edited. The second disc contains music videos, the videos projected on the stage on Mr Screens, documentaries and behind the scenes video, and other items. Interestingly, the box will also feature...