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4 Additional David Gilmour Concerts Announced Today

David Gilmour Tour 2016
David Gilmour Tour 2016

Fans who have been disappointed about not getting David Gilmour tour tickets for either the 2015 European Tour or 2016 North American Tour need not fret no more – there is another opportunity to purchase tickets after 4 more concert dates were announced today!

Last Thursday we reported that 4 dates were announced for David Gilmour Tour 2015 in North America to support his new solo album Rattle That Lock. The exciting news is that four new dates in North America have just been announced!

He will now play one additional night at each of the venues announced last week – he will call at Hollywood Bowl on 25th March, Air Canada Center on 1st April, United Center in Chicago on 4th April and finally at Madison Square Garden on 12th April which has just become the final night of the tour for concerts announced thus far!

Tickets go on sale Monday 27th July 2015 so plenty time to get permission from a better half or to rearrange your finances to buy David Gilmour tickets for you and all your friends!

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David Gilmour Tour Dates 2015/2016

Here are all the officially announced tour dates for David Gilmour in 2015 and 2016.

European Tour 2015

2015-09-12 – Arena Pula – Pula – Croatia (Tickets)
2015-09-14 – Verona Arena – Verona – Italy (Tickets)
2015-09-15 – Ippodromo del Visarno – Florence – Italy (Tickets)
2015-09-17 – Theatre Antique – Orange – France (Tickets)
2015-09-19 – Konig Pilsner Arena – Oberhausen – Germany (Tickets)
2015-09-23 – Royal Albert Hall – London – England (Tickets)
2015-09-24 – Royal Albert Hall – London – England (Tickets)
2015-09-25 – Royal Albert Hall – London – England (Tickets)
2015-10-02 – Royal Albert Hall – London – England (Tickets)
2015-10-03 – Royal Albert Hall – London – England (Tickets)

North American Tour 2016

2016-03-24 – Hollywood Bowl – Los Angeles, California – USA (Tickets)
2016-03-25 – Hollywood Bowl – Los Angeles, California – USA (Tickets) NEW
2016-03-31 – Air Canada Centre – Toronto (Ontario) – Canada (Tickets)
2016-04-01 – Air Canada Centre – Toronto (Ontario) – Canada (Tickets) NEW
2016-04-04 – United Center (Chicago) – Chicago, Ilinois – USA (Tickets) New
2016-04-08 – United Center (Chicago) – Chicago, Ilinois – USA (Tickets)
2016-04-11 – Madison Square Garden (Manhattan) – New York, New York – USA (Tickets)
2016-04-12 – Madison Square Garden (Manhattan) – New York, New York – USA (Tickets) New

14 thoughts on “4 Additional David Gilmour Concerts Announced Today”

  1. Hi – this post is a bit misleading as it makes it read as if he has added four dates to his European tour not just his American tour…. #sadpanda

  2. Agree with Rich Hill!
    Does anybody know if it’s anyhow possible to buy 2 tickets to any European gig still?

  3. I kinda agree with GlamRock – but in light of the fact that most of the floyd are dead and this is the closest we’re left with. I’ll take that.

  4. Good news from Poland! Gilmour will play additional concert in June 2016 in Wroclaw on main square because of European Capital of Culture – date is not announced yet, but City Council informed about it in Polish Radio.

  5. I purchased my 2 tickets for the Hollywood Bowl… $600.00 each…..but this may very well be the last time we will have the pleasure of seeing David Gilmour live and to me, it’s worth it. Our beloved rock icons are all getting up in age…it will be a sad day indeed when they are all gone.

  6. Have to travel from TX to Chicago to see him one last time, as it was on my “bucket list.” Tickets were $800+ on top of flight and hotel, but at least I WILL be there! It’s very sad that Gilmour doesn’t find anywhere in the Heartland or South worth adding to his tour. It’s been 20 years since I’ve seen him in Dallas, which sold out at TX Stadium in less than 3 hours, resulting in a second concert date, also sold out. But hey, I can check one off my list!

  7. Last time I saw David in a hockey arena it was fantastic . He is the vocals and guitar of Pink Floyd . Cant wait for the Toronto shows.

  8. Gilmour Fan!!
    I am another one who can cross this off of her bucket list. I always wanted to go back to London ( I lived there off and on for four years), and I definitely wanted to see David, so I am going from PA to London to spend some time and see David at The Royal Albert Hall. Can’t wait!!

  9. Why dont put the South American Tour 2015?

    I went in São Paulo on december, 11 and the show was fantastic.

    In Brazil rialized more 3 shows, one in Argentina and other in Chile.

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