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A Pillow of Winds (Waters, Gilmour) 5:13

A cloud of eiderdown
Draws around me
Softening a sound.
Sleepy time, and I lie,
With my love by my side,
And she’s breathing low.

And the candle dies.

When night comes down
You lock the door.
The book falls to the floor.
As darkness falls
The waves roll by,
The seasons change
The wind is wry.

Now wakes the hour
Now sleeps the swan
Behold the dream
The dream is gone.
Green fields are calling
It’s falling, in a golden door.

And deep beneath the ground,
The early morning sounds
And I go down.
Sleepy time, and I lie,
With my love by my side,
And she’s breathing low.

And I rise, like a bird,
In the haze, when the first rays
Touch the sky.

And the night wings die.

01. One Of These Days
02. Pillow Of Winds
03. Fearless
04. San Tropez
05. Seamus
06. Echoes

About The Song

“A Pillow of Winds” is a serene and gentle track from Pink Floyd’s album “Meddle,” released in 1971. It follows the tempestuous opening track “One of These Days” and provides a stark contrast with its soft acoustic textures and calming ambiance. The song title is a reference to a combination of cards in the game of Mahjong.

“A Pillow of Winds,” the second track on Pink Floyd’s “Meddle,” offers a soothing counterpoint to the album’s energetic opener. It’s a soft, melodic piece that indulges in the themes of peace and restfulness, with David Gilmour’s acoustic guitar and gentle vocals leading the listener into a state of repose.

The song’s lyrics, co-written by Gilmour and Roger Waters, weave a tapestry of comforting imagery, evoking the quiet beauty of nature with references to lying in fields, the calm sea, and drifting off to sleep. These lyrical pictures are underscored by the warmth of Richard Wright’s harmonium and Gilmour’s slide guitar, which together create a lush, dream-like soundscape.

“A Pillow of Winds” is notable for its lack of the band’s signature rock edge, instead embracing a folk-inspired tranquility. The track flows with a sense of intimacy and introspection, capturing the softer side of Pink Floyd’s experimentalism during this era.

This reflective piece acts as a lullaby of sorts within the broader context of “Meddle,” illustrating Pink Floyd’s versatility and their capacity to touch on the quieter, more contemplative aspects of life through their music.

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