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A Spanish Piece
(Gilmour) 1:04

Pass the tequila, Manuel
(glug, snort)
Listen, gringo, laugh at my lisp and I kill you
I think
This Spanish music
It sets my soul on fire
Lovely seniorita
Your eyes are like stars
Your teeth are like pearls
Your ruby lips

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About the Song

“A Spanish Piece” is a short, humorous track by Pink Floyd from their 1969 album “More”. The song features a lighthearted, acoustic guitar-driven sound, and its lyrics are in faux Spanish accent.

While the lyrics themselves are nonsensical and do not have any particular meaning, they are delivered with a lively and energetic performance that complements the song’s upbeat, folky sound.

“A Spanish Piece” is a departure from the moody and experimental sound that Pink Floyd is known for, but it provides a lighthearted and playful moment on the “More” album. The song’s sense of humour and irreverence has made it a favourite among many fans of the band, and it remains a testament to Pink Floyd’s willingness to explore a variety of musical styles and moods.

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