NPF Forum Playlist Makes Absolute Radio Top 16!

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The playlist created and voted for by NPF Forum members has made the Absolute Radio (formerly Virgin Radio) top 16 in their Rock-Off competition!  The voting started today on the Absolute Radio website for the first knockout round!  The NPF Forum playlist is up against a Bob Dylan playlist and our day of judgement – when you should vote!! – will be from 9:15pm on 9th December!

Voting is currently taking place on this page.

You can view the fixtures for the competition along with all the playlists on this page.

I shall send a NPF Newsletter out to remind you all to vote to get us through to the quarter finals a day or two before voting on the 9th December 2008!

The NPF Playlist

Pink Floyd – Wish you were here
Eagles – Hotel California
Pink Floyd – Time
Led Zeppelin – Stairway to Heaven
Dire Straits – Sultans of Swing
Pink Floyd – Us And Them
The Beatles – Hey Jude
Pink Floyd – One of These Days
Peter Gabriel – Solsbury Hill
Pink Floyd – Echoes
Black Sabbath – Paranoid
Pink Floyd – Comfortably Numb

Key Dates

Round 1 Match H – Vote NPF on 9th December 2008 from 9:15pm GMT onwards for 23.5 hours!

Quarter Final Match L – Assuming we win round 1, vote NPF Forum on 15th December from 9:15pm GMT onwards for 23.5 hours!

Semi Finals Match N – Vote NPF on 17th December from 9:15pm GMT onwards!

The Final – If we get this far, vote for NPF on 21st December and we shall be the champions!

The Prize

The prize is Absolute Radio playing loads of Pink Floyd and mentioning the NPF Forum at every opportunity! So pleae help spread the word about this competition, tell people to vote NPF and let us Floydians win over all that other stuff on other websites playlists!