Added Pink Floyd Lyrics for Meddle and Obscured by Clouds

I often start a new section on the site and just abandon it for months!  Well, I though I had best add some more lyrics to the Pink Floyd Lyrics section of the website!  I am just past half way through adding all the Pink Floyd ones so nearly there!  May do some more later… later this year!

Meddle Lyrics > 01. One Of These Days 02. Pillow Of Winds 03. Fearless 04. San Tropez 05. Seamus 06. Echoes

Obscured By Clouds Lyrics > 01. Obscured By Clouds 02. When You’re In 03. Burning Bridges 04. Gold It’s In The… 05. Wot’s… Uh The Deal 06. Mudmen 07. Childhood’s End 08. Free Four 09. Stay 10. Absolutely Curtains

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