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Alan’s Psychedelic Breakfast (Waters, Mason, Gilmour, Wright) 13:00


01. Atom Heart Mother
02. If
03. Summer ’68
04. Fat Old Sun
05. Alan’s Psychedelic Breakfast

About the Song

“Alan’s Psychedelic Breakfast” is a three-part instrumental track from Pink Floyd’s album “Atom Heart Mother,” released in 1970. It’s a piece that combines typical instrumental segments with non-musical sound effects to create an auditory collage that is reflective of the experimental nature of the band during this era. The piece features roadie Alan Styles, who provides both the sound effects of preparing and eating breakfast and the spoken elements, giving the track an organic and intimate feel.

In the whimsically titled “Alan’s Psychedelic Breakfast,” Pink Floyd takes listeners through a unique sonic journey, intertwining music with the everyday sounds of a morning routine. This experimental piece is divided into three movements— “Rise and Shine,” “Sunny Side Up,” and “Morning Glory”—each accompanied by the ambient noise of cooking and casual conversation.

The track opens with the sounds of running water, clinking dishes, and the murmurs of Alan Styles, whose voice adds a human touch to the otherwise instrumental track. The first section, “Rise and Shine,” introduces light piano melodies that slowly wake up the senses, mimicking the start of a new day.

“Sunny Side Up” brings in a more rhythmic progression, with Gilmour’s guitar taking center stage, playing off Wright’s keyboard harmonies in a way that feels both reflective and invigorating, much like the morning sun.

Finally, “Morning Glory” features a more complex arrangement, with the full band contributing to a crescendo that captures the bustling energy of daybreak before settling back into a peaceful resolution, as Styles declares, “Breakfast in Los Angeles, macrobiotic stuff…”

Throughout the track, the sounds of Alan Styles preparing his breakfast—frying eggs, pouring cereal, sipping tea—become part of the composition, blurring the lines between music and life’s mundane moments. “Alan’s Psychedelic Breakfast” is not just a title; it’s an invitation to find rhythm and melody in the everyday, a concept that Pink Floyd embodies through this audacious piece.

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