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Atom Heart Mother Suite (Mason, Gilmour, Waters, Wright, Gessin) 23:51

a. Father’s Shout
b. Breast Milky
c. Mother Fore
d. Funky Dung
e. Mind Your Throats, Please
f. Remergence


01. Atom Heart Mother
02. If
03. Summer ’68
04. Fat Old Sun
05. Alan’s Psychedelic Breakfast

About the Song

“Atom Heart Mother Suite” is an epic piece that dominates Pink Floyd’s album “Atom Heart Mother,” released in 1970. It was a bold, experimental work at the time, blending rock with orchestral music and featuring a brass section and choir, without the use of any standard lyrics.

“Atom Heart Mother Suite,” a cornerstone of Pink Floyd’s experimental phase, is a six-part composition that marked the band’s first foray into a large-scale orchestral sound. This ambitious suite was a collaborative effort between the band and composer Ron Geesin, resulting in an eclectic mix of progressive rock and avant-garde symphony.

The suite unfolds over six distinct sections: “Father’s Shout,” “Breast Milky,” “Mother Fore,” “Funky Dung,” “Mind Your Throats Please,” and “Remergence.” Each part contributes to the overarching theme, exploring the cyclical nature of life and the universal bond of motherhood, as implied by the title.

From the dramatic opening fanfare of “Father’s Shout” to the hauntingly melodic “Breast Milky,” and through the dissonant experimentalism of “Mind Your Throats Please,” the suite encompasses a wide range of musical styles and moods. “Funky Dung” introduces a rock groove that contrasts with the classical elements, while “Remergence” ties the entire piece together, revisiting themes and motifs from earlier in the composition.

Despite the absence of lyrics, “Atom Heart Mother Suite” is a narrative in its own right, conveyed through the fusion of instruments and sounds. It stands as a testament to Pink Floyd’s willingness to push the boundaries of rock music and remains a significant, if polarizing, piece in the band’s discography.

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