Aussie Floyd in Jodrell Bank Outdoor Concert

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Jodrell Bank Aussie Pink Floyd

Celebrated tribute act The Australian Pink Floyd will be performing at Live From Jodrell Bank on Saturday 6th July 2013 in Cheshire, England.

Tickets for the outdoor event will be on sale from Friday 22nd February at 9am at the Jodrell Bank event website.

The Aussie Floyd, who performed at David Gilmour’s 60th Birthday party, will be playing a celebration show to mark the 40th anniversary of the release of the seminal Pink Floyd album, The Dark Side Of The Moon.

A unique element of the Live From Jodrell Bank shows has seen bands beaming their projections on the 76 meter Lovell telescope and The Australian Pink Floyd Show with its spectacular audio visual production can be experienced at its finest in this unique environment.

It remains to be seen if it can compare to Roger Waters’ excellent Wall Live show in which he projects some spectacular imagery across a custom built wall across the arenas and stadiums he has been performing for the past couple of years.

The Australian Pink Floyd commented ”The music and spirit of Pink Floyd very much embodies ambition and a sense of wonder at the expanses that lie within and without us all. Throughout the band’s work there are references to space, the planets and the known – and unknown – Universe around us. Pink Floyd have often been described as a British icon and this is something which, surely, Jodrell Bank also qualifies as. The Australian Pink Floyd Show are delighted to have the opportunity to perform some of this wonderful music against such an amazing backdrop. For us to be a footnote in the Jodrell Bank history is truly an honour.”