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Big bands and artists often take lots of equipment out on the road with them in order to set up their own stage, lighting, sound, vision,  props and… oh yes, instruments too! But the amount of equipment, engineering and on-site construction happening on Roger Waters Wall Tour is just phenomenal!

How I would like to be a rigger on the current Roger Waters tour – if I wasn’t afraid of heights!

The people behind the design, engineering and construction of The Wall are Stufish and they have a rather excellent photo gallery on their website of a behind-the-scenes look at the construction of The Wall.

As you can see from the photo top right, the amount of equipment used is colossal!

Those who find it necessary to complain about the ticket prices can probably start to appreciate how much all that equipment cost, how much it costs to transport around and erect night after night over a hundred times! Tickets are expensive but I cannot wait to see the fruit of all that effort! Looks amazing.

One of the main men behind Stufish is Mark Fisher. Mark of course did the production of Pink Floyd’s tour of The Wall in 1980-1981.

They have also done stages for the likes of U2, The Rolling Stones, Genesis and to throw someone in a little younger, Muse!

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