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Storm Thorgerson Exhibition, Cambridge, England 2020 – Storm Warning

Pink Floyd : Dark Side of the Moon : 30th Anniversary SACD [Storm Studios]

Storm Thorgerson, as part of the legendary Hipgnosis studio that he formed with Aubrey ‘Po’ Powell, created many of the iconic album covers of Pink Floyd – and many other artists over a great number of years. Storm sadly passed away in 2013 from Cancer having suffered a stroke earlier.

There is an exhibition of his work in Cambridge, England, during October 2020 at the Haddenham Arts Centre where you will be able to purchase fine art prints by StormStudios. The exhibition is running now, and ends on 31st October 2020.

StormStudios has a long and illustrious history and over the years they’ve worked for innumerable bands, from Alan Parsons, Anthrax and Audioslave through to the Wombats, yourcodenameis:milo, Leisure Cruise and Yumi Matsutoya, with a sprinkling of Pink Floyd, Steve Miller, Muse, 10cc, etc thrown in for good measure. Recently they’ve been working with up-and-coming band, Youth Sector on their first release, Ukrainian band Slow Earth, as well as a film poster, and a rather spiffing package for 10cc front man Graham Gouldman’s ‘Modesty Forbids’ album.

View Storm Thorgerson Art

The Storm Studios website has a great gallery section where you can browse through tons of amazing images they have created over the years.

Pink Floyd : Echoes, The Best of Pink Floyd [Storm Studios]

These are fine art prints of work from the 1980s through to 2020 – all available for purchase with some prints being seen for the first time. You’ll also see some of the props used in the making of the images and some roughs (concept design sketches) – which are how they work out their ideas and how they present them to the client. Some are beautiful works of art on their own. You can also buy books, postcards, limited edition box sets, and whatever else they can find in the cupboard.

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Jon Carin Releases Two New Songs, Listen Now

L-R Ian Ritchie, Jon Carin, Dave Kilminster & Roger water’s manager Mark Fenwick. Dave asked for a raise, so Mark was forced to break his leg! [Pic: Jon Carin]

Jon Carin has been part of the Pink Floyd family for over 30 years. His credits include writing material for Pink Floyd like co-writing Learning to Fly and A Momentary Lapse of Reason. He has also played with the band extensively including at the legendary reunion concert in London’s Hyde Park where Roger Waters joined his old band mates and made lots of fans very happy. He has also been on the road extensively with both David Gilmour and was supposed to be on Roger’s 2020 This Is Not A Drill tour which, of course, was postponed to 2021 due to the Coronavirus.

Listen to Jon’s Excellent Songs…

Jon, however, has not sat idle during downtime. He has been busy in the studio crafting two rather excellent songs which are available on Spotify and YouTube below. The songs are called Like a Drug and Fear of Everything.

Like a Drug is a relaxed acoustic song with beautiful layers of sound and simplicity. Fantastic vocals on both tracks. Fear of Everything has a bigger sound with a full complement of instruments. It does not lose that nice spacey sound though. Sounds fantastic, love the Hammond and bass. Listen to them both below.

I for one need to listen to more songs like these two, and I hope very much that Jon is working on a full album of material. And a tour of course!  

I feel these songs should be promoted on the Official Pink Floyd website. It is a shame they are missing from the news page there. It is a shame Roger’s work is missing from there too. Hope everyone has not fallen out in the larger Pink Floyd family!

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Jon Carin on stage at his perch surrounded by tech