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Guy Pratt’s Arthritic Thumb Slaps That Funky Bass!

Guy Pratt explaining Pink Floyd’s One Slip and Wearing the Inside Out songs basslines

Guy Pratt, who played bass for Pink Floyd after Roger Waters left in the 1980s, has been doing some explainer/tutorial videos on Youtube for fans to enjoy. His show is called “Lockdown Licks”.

Guy has played bass on lots of famous songs and albums over the years and has a rather impressive resume. He is currently up to episode 4 where he covers a couple of Pink Floyd classics.

Fans that have heard the re-recorded and re-mixed Later Years box set material will notice a lot of Guy’s original material was toned down – the band seemingly wanting a less 80s feel and more a timeless mix. Guy mentions this awkward situation in the video.

Episode 5 will feature Money by Pink Floyd which is of course one of the most famous bass lines from the band. Keep you eyes peeled for that on Guy Pratt’s Youtube Channel.

Anyway, here are the 4 episodes that are currently up, with Pink Floyd being the 4th one. Make sure you check out NPF’s interview with Guy Pratt featuring questions from fans.

Jimmy Nail – Ain’t No Doubt

Madonna – Like a Prayer

Michael Jackson – Earth Song

Pink Floyd – One Slip/Wearing the Inside Out

Pink Floyd – Money/One of These Days

Got My Hands on Pink Floyd Later Years Box set! – See photos

Christmas has arrived early as I have managed to get my hands on the Pink Floyd Later Years 1987-2019 magnificent box set of goodies! Last night, I did the all important opening of the box and just being in awe and amazement at how much effort and work has gone into this magnificent tome of goodness.

Pink Floyd Later Years 1987-2019 Boxset
Pink Floyd Later Years 1987-2019 Boxset

Here are some photos below of the unboxing ceremony. I am going to start listening to the CDs and watching the video content later whilst immersing myself in the tour programmes, memorabilia, looking through fantastic lyrics and photo book and more. It really does have the wow factor.

The boxset is released this coming Friday 13th December and you can pre-order now from Amazon UK or shipped 13th December.

Pink Floyd Later Years 1987-2019 Unboxing

So, that is where I am up to! I have the small matter of employment today but, later, the listening and watching begins!

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