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Are Pink Floyd playing Glastonbury? Yes? No? Who knows???

The Glastonbury festival is back on and Pink Floyd may be playing! Supposedly. I have read on several sites that Pink Floyd will be there. The 3 day festival will take place between 28-30th June 2002.

Michael Eavis (organiser) [confirmed] last night that both Rod Stewart and Pink Floyd would be headlining nights at the festival. He also said that The Who would not be able to play because of commitments in America. He also said Pink Floyd would play on BBC Radio. Thing is… his Glastonbury website says that it is just a rumour… Pink Floyd are not confirmed. The BBC say Roger may be playing and this makes sense as it is a few days before the end of his tour. I don’t know!!

The Glastonbury festival is the largest of its kind in Europe and has been a muddy occasion in the past as you can see by the picture below! I hope Pink Floyd do play.

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BBC Radio 2 – The Pink Floyd Story – 2nd Feb 8PM GMT

[BBC Radio 2] will be airing a special look at the music and works of Pink Floyd next Saturday (2nd February 2002) at 8pm GMT until 9pm GMT. According to the BBC, “Nick Mason and Dave Gilmour are both actively involved in the programme and have granted special access to hitherto unheard material”.

If you cannot listen to BBC Radio 2 in your country you may not realise that it is broadcast on digital satellite, cable and on the web as well. If you want to listen on the web, you will need RealPlayer from this site [here]. Get it installed and working before Saturday!!

If you want to listen to the web cast, you go to the following page and choose “listen” near the top of the page on the right. [BBC Radio 2].

At present, there is no more info on the BBC website about their programme and more will be revealed next week I expect. To see the BBC highlights webpage, click [here].

From the Radio 2 Newsletter…


A major new two-part documentary starts on Radio 2 this Saturday, as Robert Elms looks at the tortured history of one of the most-influential bands of all time. It’s a story of drugs, mental illness, lost genius, obsession and endless legal wrangling. From the avant garde of the 60s to the extraordinary success of Dark Side of the Moon – one of the best-selling albums of all time – and the stadium rock of the 70s, right up to its continued success in the 90s, The Floyd have epitomised rock at its most bombastic. And you can read about the turbulent life and times of Pink Floyd on our special features page, plus listen to audio of Floyd illuminati Dave Gilmour, Roger Waters and lost genius Syd Barrett. Plus, for the dedicated Floyd anorak there are links to other sites, and our special quiz will tax the most complete Floyd fan.