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Childhood’s End (Gilmour) 4:31

You shout in your sleep.
Perhaps the price is just too steep.
Is your conscience at rest
If once put to the test?
You awake with a start
To just the beating of your heart.
Just one man beneath the sky,
Just two ears, just two eyes.

You set sail across the sea
Of long past thoughts and memories.
Childhood’s end, your fantasies
Merge with harsh realities.
And then as the sail is hoist,
You find your eyes are growing moist.
All the fears never voiced
Say you have to make your final choice.

Who are you and who am I
To say we know the reason why?
Some are born; some men die
Beneath one infinite sky.
There’ll be war, there’ll be peace.
But everything one day will cease.
All the iron turned to rust;
All the proud men turned to dust.
And so all things, time will mend.
So this song will end.

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About the Song

“Childhood’s End” is a track from Pink Floyd’s 1972 album “Obscured by Clouds.” Unlike many of the album’s other songs, which are instrumental or abstract, “Childhood’s End” features clear and direct lyrics. Written by David Gilmour, the song’s title and theme were inspired by the Arthur C. Clarke novel of the same name, reflecting on the loss of innocence and the transition into adult responsibilities.

On “Obscured by Clouds,” “Childhood’s End” stands out as a Pink Floyd track steeped in thematic depth, touching upon the inevitable transition from youth to adulthood. David Gilmour’s thoughtful lyrics are supported by a driving rhythm and a structure that resembles more traditional rock than the band’s signature progressive and psychedelic style.

Gilmour takes on lead vocals and guitar, delivering a powerful performance that matches the song’s dynamic energy. The track begins with a vigorous drum intro by Nick Mason, setting the stage for a vibrant blend of guitar riffs and keyboard flourishes by Richard Wright. Roger Waters’ bass underpins the song with a steady pulse, propelling it forward.

The lyrics of “Childhood’s End” contemplate the passage of time and the poignant realization that the carefree days of youth are fleeting. Yet, the song also carries an undercurrent of acceptance, as it confronts the responsibilities and awareness that come with maturity.

This song, occasionally featured in Pink Floyd’s live performances, captures the spirit of introspection that characterized much of the band’s work during this period. It remains a resonant piece that encapsulates a universal human experience—the bittersweet acknowledgment of growing older.

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