City Wakes – Unseen Iggy The Eskimo Video

Iggy Rose the Eskimo
Iggy Rose the Eskimo

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A previously unseen video of Iggy The Eskimo is to be shown on the final day of the Syd Barrett City Wakes event.  The event is the first official tribute to Syd Barrett and will incorporate a series of multi-faceted events that are expected to generate considerable international interest!  Syd was, of course, the driving force behind the band for their first album Piper at the Gates of Dawn.

You can read full information about the event on this page and see a Full List of Events.

Iggy was a former girlfriend of Syd Barrett and features on the front cover of his solo album The Madcap Laughs.  This film, which was directed by Anthony Stern featuring an original soundtrack of See Emily Play, will be shown for the first time as part of the celebration of Syd Barrett’s life.

You can watch a preview of the video below.  You may also be interested in Iggy The Eskimo Photos from the NPF Photo Gallery. 

Anthony Stern has also shared some new pictures of her with City Wakes here.  Signed prints of the photos will be available soon so stay tuned!

Source – [ City Wakes ]

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