David Gilmour on The Orb’s Album Metallic Spheres – Out October 2010

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The Orb featuring David Gilmour - Metallic Spheres

As previously reported, electronic music group The Orb will release their next album called Metallic Spheres in October 2010 and features the work of Pink Floyd guitarist, David Gilmour.

The album will be released in multiple formats worldwide and, according to the blog on David Gilmour’s website, all artist royalties will be going to helping British hacker Gary McKinnon fight off extradition to the USA. 

You can watch a video of David Gilmour jamming on the album at this link. Reminds me of Discipline by King Crimson!

Gary McWho??

The American’s want to get their hands on Gary McKinnon for hacking into US Military computer systems in the wake of the September 11th attacks.

Gary, who has Aspergers Syndrome, claims he was just looking for the existence of aliens on the computer systems. He has admitted he did the crime but it is felt by some that sending a man with mental illness to the likes of Guantanamo Bay (where the Americans routinely torture British citizens) is not on!

Perhaps the Americans should think twice about putting sensitive information on the Internet in the first place, especially with China and Russia’s blatant use of it as an economic and political weapon!

Standard Album and 3D Sound Version!

In addition to the standard album, there will be a ‘Deluxe’ double-disc version: the first disc is the same as the standard, the second is a 3D60™ version, which, as the name suggests, allows you to listen in glorious three-dimensional sound.

3D60™ is a new sound production process developed by Youth, Mike Brady (The Jam’s live sound engineer) and Ian Thompson (musician and multimedia producer). You don’t need any special equipment to enjoy 3D60™, by the way; it will sound amazing on any headphones in any format. Have a listen.

As well as the option of downloading the standard album from iTunes, there will also be a vinyl version, exactly the same as the standard CD, but including a download card permitting you to download the full album plus an additional ambient bonus. So that’s something you’ll be familiar with from the various guises of Live in Gdańsk.

Stay Informed…

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Source [ The Blog on David Gilmour’s website ]