David Gilmour’s Beach Hut Must Go Else Be Prosecuted!

David Gilmour's Bright Yellow Beach Hut
David Gilmour’s Bright Yellow Beach Hut

There is more trouble for the Gilmour family in Hove, Sussex as the local council are on their case about a beach hut they have erected on their property in which they store their bicycles.

The authorities are not content with putting their son Charlie Gilmour in prison for 16 months and want more blood, this time threatening to prosecute the family if they do not remove the hut!

The council say that the hut at the £3m property is not fitting with the local area which is a “conservation area”. It has been decided that this offending hut must be gone!

Ophthalmologists can not cope with the bright yelloe "eyesore"
Ophthalmologists can not cope with the bright yellow “eyesore”

David’s wife – mother of jailed Charlie – appealed against the authorities but lost and now has to remove the bright yellow hut that the council have deemed to be an “eyesore”. It would seem if you look at this hut for too long it will cause eye pain that local ophthalmologists would not be able to cope with!

A Brighton and Hove City Council spokeswoman said in a statement: ‘We have had a complaint from a member of the public and are legally obliged to act.

‘As the planning appeal has failed, we have told the owners that the hut must be gone by October 1.

‘If that doesn’t happen, we would have no option but to issue an enforcement notice.

‘Failure to comply with that means either prosecution or the council may remove the hut and charge the householder.’

Perhaps the colourful beach hut was inspired by the one on Brighton Promenade which Polly Tweeted her own picture of with David Gilmour stood in front of with one of their dogs.

It is madness that this beach hut story is currently the most read news story on the BBC News website!!

Personally I think the governent should be abolished and keep out of our lives and gardens!

2 thoughts on “David Gilmour’s Beach Hut Must Go Else Be Prosecuted!”

  1. This just the sort of things that make very angry about this stuck in the past town call hove I have lived here all my life so far that is when i saw that the great david gilmour was moveing down here I was so so happy!!!!
    I know that you have to have some rules about what and ware you can build things but to see the problems that one little bike shed can cause it just makes me so angry!!!!!
    It’s not big or over the top colour wise, when you look at how many different types of building’s there are in brighton and hove it is a mixture of all types…!
    I would ask brighton to spend our money on more importent thing’s like the state of our roads

    I know that david will have to give in but I feel that if you belive in what is right then I would let Brighton and hove council know about how you feel and leave him alone…..!


  2. It took years for brighton and hove council to get round to replacing the broken cast iron victorian railings just along the parade from mr gimore’s lovely home,there were hundreds of complaints about that,if not thousands.
    One person complained about the hut.The council should get the pavements fixed theres been thousands of complaints about that and what about the demise of the west pier,millions.Have they made tesco put the regency windows back,no,again thousands of complaints.Put the quality back into hove and make this your priority and take a leaf out of worthings book on that subject,nice trees,hanging baskets,lovely paving stones,beautifull shops and cafe’s,its what us in hove want and that is what david gilmore is doing,putting the quality back,so leave him and his family alone,we are all proud to have them in hove,again thousands,so forget about the one probably left wing twit who probably does not like successfull peaple and get your priorities right and let him keep his lovely shed,its what the rest of us in hove want.
    Planning permission for a shed after what else has happened to our great buildings,the demolition of the listed theatre on the palace pier for example.wake up brighton and hove council wake up and get you act together and listen to the real brightonians.My family have lived in hove since 1790,take notice of the peaple that matter not one nit picking sandle wearing weird beard bussy body.

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