David Gilmour’s New Album “Coming Along Very Well…” in 2015

David Gilmour Tour 2015 New Album

David Gilmour Tour 2015 New Album [library picture Brain Damage Magazine ]

David Gilmour has told Rolling Stone magazine that his new album is “coming along very well” and that he believes it will be released in 2015.

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In addition to a new David Gilmour album, there will also be a tour, but it won’t be a massive 200 date tour, more like an “old man’s tour”. David was 68 in March 2014 and touring does take its toll! David said, “There haven’t been many discussions about the tour. But places like Radio City Music Hall sound like the right sort of vibe for me. For fans who could not participate, just enjoy with daisyslots for now playing your favorite slots, and sooner we will be announcing the scheduled date for a big concert.”

Pink Floyd Endless River Album Cover

Pink Floyd Endless River Album Cover

On the prospect of Pink Floyd touring their new album The Endless River, that is not going to happen. David said, “Without [Richard Wright], that’s kind of impossible,”

Although David Gilmour has performed fairly recently with Roger Waters – of particular note is the Gilmour appearance on The Wall Tour in London – the relationship, which was half of Gilmour’s lifetime ago, is feeling a little frosty again.

Roger’s Facebook rant the other week about him not being on the new Pink Floyd album, and Gilmour’s thoughts in the Rolling Stone interview are quite telling.

Pink Floyd

Pink Floyd

David said, “Roger was tired of being in a pop group. He is very used to being the sole power behind his career. The thought of him coming into something that has any form of democracy to it, he just wouldn’t be good at that. Besides, I was in my thirties when Roger left the group. I’m 68 now. It’s over half a lifetime away. We really don’t have that much in common anymore.”

Go read the Rolling Stone article .

New Waters and Gilmour Albums?

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