David Gilmour’s New Official Website Design

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David Gilmour's Official new website design Xmas 2009

You may have noticed the other day that David Gilmour’s official website changed from the blue “On An Island” look and feel to a new more modern, fresh and engaging look!  It doesn’t have anything new in way of content but it does look much better thanks to www.jabeye.com.

Designed in a similar style to the bands official .com website (not to be confused with EMI’s efforts on pinkfloyd.co.uk), the news section has a nice archive of material in there from the past couple of years and has those fun “sliding menu” type things that reveal content on the same page you are viewing thus making it easier to navigate around.

They have added a nice new visually pleasing photo browser in the Visual/Photos section which is fun to use but again no new content as far as I can see.

The random “blog” is still featured as part of the site that David apparently does not update or maintain himself.  It would be interesting perhaps to know exactly who is updating it with all sorts of random things unrelated to David Gilmour or his views.

Anyway, go and have a mooch around David Gilmour’s official website and perhaps compare it to the last one Jabeye.com did for the Floyd in the form of Syd Barrett’s WebsiteRoger Waters’ new website is also being worked on by their camp of people so stay tuned (and subscribed to the free NPF Newsletter email) to remain informed about that when it comes about for his tour of The Wall in late 2010.