David Gilmour’s New Song to be Played in Full on BBC Radio

Rattle That Lock David Gilmour 2015

Rattle That Lock David Gilmour 2015

David Gilmour’s new song Rattle That Lock from his new album with the same title will be played on BBC Radio 2 in the UK this coming Friday 17th July 2015.

The Breakfast Show is broadcast between 6:30am and 9:30am with David’s new album title track being broadcast at 8:10am GMT. It will be hosted by DJ Sara Cox.

Sara Cox BBC Radio 2

Sara Cox BBC Radio 2

You can listen live online from answhere in the world via the Radio 2 website. You can also listen on the BBC iPlayer if you are located in the UK.

Rattle That Lock EPK Video

Here is a short Electronic Press Kit to promote David Gilmour’s new album which says it is released in September 2015.


David Gilmour Tour Dates 2015

David Gilmour will be touring his new album around some very beautiful and historic venues around Europe starting in Croatia on 12th September 2015. You can view all David Gilmour Tour Dates 2015 and see some pictures of the beautiful venues he will be calling at too.

David Gilmour New Album Release Date

The release date for the new David Gilmour album Rattle That Lock has not been officially confirmed yet and there are the usual rumours flying around – but it is looking like September 2015 according to the EPK above. Sit back and wait for the good news NPF says! It will be worth the wait.

One thing can be confirmed though – the mastering of the new album ready for printing/distribution has been completed!

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