David O List From The Nice On Tour!

david o listThe legendary Psychedelic, Progressive, Classic Rock band DAVID O LIST FROM THE NICE began a new World Tour in November 2004 with an interview for MTV and TVR 1 (Romania). David O List was interviewed on the programs with Carl Palmer from ELP. David was very excited about this; the connection with Carl, David and Keith Emerson went down very well. David was at The Progeny Festival on 20 November 2004 at London’s Astoria and performed his own set at The Jimmi Hendrix Festival on 26 Nov in Rome, televised by Sky TV.

david o listTour dates in 2005 include: Underworld, London Saturday 26th March, Mr. Kyps 22nd May, Classic Rock Society Saturday 4 June with Radio Caroline and Yorkshire TV coverage, Spirit of 66 Belgium, Borderline and at Progeny 2005; more dates to be confirmed in London, Wales, Scotland, Holland, Italy and by The Carlini Group in New York for a US tour and from World Concert Management for a Japan tour.

Singer/guitarist David O List originally formed The Attack in London (1966) featuring a fusion of American Soul and Blues, which became part of a new movement called “The Original Style Movement” that included artists such as James Brown, Marvin Gaye and The Who. The original group The Attack, was named by David, a mid-60s mod-influenced UK pop act formerly known as the Soul System, comprised of Gerry Henderson (bass), Richard Shirman (vocals), David O List (guitar and vocals), Bob Hodges (Hammond organ), Alan Whitehead aka Noddy (drums) and later Barney Rubble (drums). They were signed to entrepreneur Don Arden’s agency, Galaxy Entertainments, in the hope of emulating the success of his other protégés, the Small Faces. The Attack’s debut for the Decca Records label was a cover version of the Standells’ ‘Try It’. The B-side ‘We Don’t Know’, the first tune David O List wrote for Decca, was the one recently becoming a hit in Japan. The Attack’s second single ‘Hi Ho Silver Lining’ was backed by ‘Any More Than I Do,’ which became John Peel’s signature tune for his radio program Perfumed Garden on pirate Radio Caroline, moored off the Thames estuary in 1966-7. After The Attack David O List was the founder member of The Nice in 1967, the first Classic Rock band ever, featuring David O List on guitar and Keith Emerson on keyboards. After The Nice’s split in March 1970 when Keith Emerson formed the legendary trio Emerson Lake and Palmer David O List worked with other renowned artists such as Roxy Music, Pink Floyd, John Cale from The Velvet Underground. David also played lead guitar and made two Top Ten hits with Bryan Ferry; ‘The “In” Crowd’ and ‘Let’s Stick Together’ that were hits in England as well as Europe during 1974, 1975 and 1988.

David was responsible for the fusion input of jazz, classics, rock, funk pop, etc. which made The Nice sound. David was classically trained at the Royal College of Music. Having met Keith Emerson in P.P. Arnold’s (from Ike and Tina Turner) backing group he saw the opportunity to start a new sound using Keith. David introduced theater, stage act (standing on the organ) props (knives and whips), costume, Jazz (Charles Lloyd) Bach, Blue Rondo Alla Turk, the musical West Side Story, Pictures In An Exhibition (from his trumpet portfolio at the Royal College of Music) to Keith who had previously been just a back ground organist with no thoughts of turning solo. David got the original recording contract with The Rolling Stones manager Andrew Oldham after Andrew heard his songs and ideas. David named the band The Nice, got the band working with a residency at the Speakeasy Club and then got the band a residency at the “famous” Marquee Club where they supported Jimmi Hendrix. After The Nice performance Jimmi said to David, “I am knocked out with your sound. Will you come and play on my tour?” Of course David said, yes. The Nice subsequently became hit recording artists. The group would never had been successful or bothered to obtain a recording agreement if it had not been for David.

The Attack’s first single ‘We Don’t Know’ was recently re released by Universal (U-music) on a compilation Mod Music box-set also featuring James Brown, Marvin Gaye and The Who and ‘We Don’t Know’ became a hit on Japanese Radio through 2003 – 2004, with the box-set selling a jumbo 75,000 copies in Japan alone. David has recorded a quirky follow up titled ‘And We Still Don’t Know’, which is featured on the new album THE SECOND THOUGHTS OF DAVIDOLIST DAVJON FROM THE NICE, named after the first Nice album, The Thoughts of Emerlist Davjak.

With an unrelenting blitzkrieg of amour-plated rock ‘n’ roll torpedoes; David’s live shows are legendary. So, stop messing about – rock wants a word with you, and it’s working for DAVID O LIST FROM THE NICE. Wouldn’t it be NICE!

The Band

Gonzalo Carrera – piano, keyboards

Coming from Spain, Gonzalo is settled in London where he plays with Landmarq, Glen Cornick and Clive Bunker (Jethro Tull), Hugh McDowell (ELO), Huh Lloyd Langton (Hawkwind), John Helliwel (Supertramp) Kym Mazelle and YES tribute band Fragile. He also is a music teacher in London.

Jerry Cunningham – bass

A multi-instrumentalist and a great vocalist as well, Jerry played his bass all over the world, in UK, Europe and USA with such bands as RDB (with Dennis Stratton of Iron Maiden), Angel Witch, Eddie and the Hot Rods, Sherman Robertson (Texan blues guitarist), Stan Webbs, Chicken Shack, Huw Lloyd Langton (Hawkwind).

Bob Dalton – drums

One of the finest drummers in England, who played, among many others, with John Wetton playing Asia and King Crimson material which was recorded for a live album in Japan. He was also the drummer in the band called ‘It Bites’.


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