Make A Donation, Make A Difference!

Making a small donation toward the running costs of Neptune Pink Floyd will help ensure the site survives and improves well into the future. You can make a difference by making a small donation towards these costs.

What Costs?

The site costs rather a lot of money to run as the applications running on it take a LOT of resources.  Hence we need a powerful dedicated web server (computer) in a data centre to keep it all going, and the backup server to keep data safe and secure should things break on the main server!!

Any help with these community costs would be much appreciated.  You can donate using or by post.  See below.


 By credit/debit card

Please choose your currency from below. If your currency is not listed, just choose Dollars. It is usually a free service from most debit/credit card providers to allow you to pay in other currencies that what your card/account is denominated in.

US Dollars Donate
Pounds Sterling Donate
Euros Donate


By post

If you would like to donate by post, you can send cheques denominated in “British Pounds Sterling”. You can get these from your bank usually free of charge. Send Keith Jordan a message here.

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