Floyd Sculpted Figures Show

As previously announced, Stevenson Entertainment are in the process of making available several sculpted figures inspired by Pink Floyd’s The Wall.

The figures will be shown publically at the San Diego Comic Con in a few weeks time on 17th-20th July 2003. Hugo Stevenson of Stevenson Entertainment said “we will have a huge Wall built with display cases with the maquette prototypes inside.”

“They should be in retail by the end of October/beginning of November.”

“We are submitting the idea of a huge carrying case set to retailers that would include an extra maquette of the megaphone hammer….buying this set would be the only way to get the megaphone hammer. I’m guessing retail would be around $75.00? for the 6 maquette box set.”

Roger Waters gave permission for a licence to be granted to the company to exclusively produce and distribute the figures.


pink and scorpion

Source: [ Hugo Stevenson ]

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