Pink Floyd - Pulse (4xLP, 1995), Misprint!?

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Pink Floyd - Pulse (4xLP, 1995), Misprint!?

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Hello Together,

years ago I bought the album box Pink Floyd - Pulse (4xLP, Label:EMI United Kingdom, Cat.-No.: 7243 8 32700 1 9, from 1995) at the flea market! A real bargain for 40€ at that time .... :-)
Now a real treasure!

Yesterday I have taken the good piece for the first time properly under the magnifying glass.
Really great!
However, I noticed that the book is bound the wrong way around. Means the pages are rotated 180 degrees to the cover ...

Can anyone tell me if this is normal? I find it very strange. Or do I have a "misprint"!

Surely, someone has the box at home and can see if this is the same there.


P.S Hope you can see the error on the picture ...
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Re: Pink Floyd - Pulse (4xLP, 1995), Misprint!?

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Mine is bound the correct way, same as others I've seen. Yours is indeed a production mistake.

Here's a video showing a side by side comparison of the 1995 and 2018 releases. It also shows the 1995 book correctly bound.