The New Machine

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Does anyone here like The New Machine?

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David Smith
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Yeah, best instrumental grammy.

Your thoughts on A New Machine are very intreiging, well thought up.
If true could it be a metaphor for Gilmour's Pink Floyd?

Now i wasn't saying it fitted the album because the album was crap, i'm saying the songs are crap but they fitted the album's style in creating contrast and logic in the track listing. Would the album have been the same without them? It couldn't have been, it would have souded totally ilogical in order.

Crap songs can easily fit album, like ATD has some crap songs but what they add to the album is irreplaceable. Hell, bring the boys... adds to the wall, and it's certainly not a good song. Ok, conceptually it had to be there, but musically to it gives a good contrast to the album and because it comes in between vieera and comfortably numb it manages to fill the gap, if the song had been taken of the album then would it work as well?

Does anyone here think AMLOR would have worked so well without A New Machine parts 1 and 2?
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I think aMLoR would've worked without A New Machine, but not nearly as well. But that's not to say there couldn't have been a few better songs in place of the little medley. Personally, I have no complaints; I really love that album.

And the concept of the medley being a metaphor for Gilmour's "reborn" Floyd is very interesting. I think that it could be, but I really doubt it was intended that way. I know Gilmour couldn't stand the way PF was in the years before Roger took off, but I'm not sure that he would choose to represent those years with a dying, depressed machine. Perhaps a piece with more tension and less sorrow would have worked better to represent PF's situation. And I certainly think he wouldn't represent the reborn Floyd with a quickly defeated machine, looking forward only to a lifetime of toil and pain. I got the impression through Nick Shaffner's Pink Floyd Odyssey book that Gilmour was highly optimistic about the new life that had been breathed into the band. Just my opinion, though.
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Feeling Very Pink
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David Smith wrote:Does anyone here think AMLOR would have worked so well without A New Machine parts 1 and 2?
I think they work well in the context of 'Terminal Frost'. :)