What are the latest news from PINK FLOYD members?

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What are the latest news from PINK FLOYD members?

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HI ALL !!!!
The Pink Floyd documentary 'Behind The Wall' was recently shown on the croatian TV network (btw, it wasn't what I was expecting at all). It was a great chance to see Dave, Nick, Roger and Rick in 2001.
Where are they today? What are they doing now? What's the new with Syd and does he even contact with his former band? Is anybody of them still touring? Thanks.[/list]
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Well, Roger just finished a sucessful tour and will be playing a few dates in September with Jeff Beck. Nick joined him for "Set the Controls" in June fueling the rumour that there may be some sort of reunion but I highly doubt it. Roger is reported to be working on a new rock album as well.

Dave, has been doing some very succesful semi-acoustic solo shows most recently in January. DVD comming shortly of his Meltdown show in June 2001. He most recently played at a charity concert with some other musicians on June 21st. They played mostly Beatles music. There are some rumours that he may do a solo tour next year.

Nick, re-kindled an old friendship with Roger in February I believe and played "set the controls with him" in June. That's all i've heard and don't know if anything more has happed since.

Rick, I know played with Dave on a few songs in January. I heard a rumour a few months back that he and Nick were building a new studio in London (Britannia II) and he wouild be working on a new solo album but I haven't heard any news lately making me wonder if it was just a false rumour.

I don't know anything about Syd other than he's living at home painting and content doing what he's doing.

I can only hope that their is a reunion sometime.