DVDs Seem VERY Expensive In Britain!

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Real Pink in the Inside
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DVDs Seem VERY Expensive In Britain!

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I see David Gilmour's DVD is £16.99 at amazon.co.uk (List price: £19.99). Roger Waters' In The Flesh DVD is £18.99 at amazon.co.uk (List price: £19.99).

I bought Roger's DVD at amazon.com when it first came out for $14.99 American (List price: $19.99 American)! And that is still its price at the moment. David's DVD is not yet for sale at amazon.com.

Anyway, why are you guys paying so much more in Britain for these DVDs? Are all DVDs more expensive in Britain than the USA? It seems like you're getting ripped off BIG TIME!

BTW, Floydstuff.com is selling David Gilmour's DVD for $29.99 (Also € 29.99 & £ 19.79)! I hope $29.99 American is not going to be the DVD's North American list price!
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Keith Jordan
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Prices in Britain are pathetic. Rip off Britain it is referred to in the media. :x
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Post by Furious »

In The Flesh varies between $30 and $35 AUS

at the moment, the American dollar is half that, so about $15...

do the math and come up with the Pound.

it was quite funny, actually, i saw In The Flesh DVD and the CD version in the same shop, and the CD was more expensive, by $10... DVD being only $29.99....

oh well :p