The truth about Rick Wright's contribution on The Wall

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Re: The truth about Rick Wright's contribution on The Wall

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DarkSideFreak wrote: Fri Apr 23, 2021 5:14 pm David's comments from 1983 are harsh. Bet he would like to erase that interview from history.
Musician magazine, 1992:
M: And even after Roger, Rick's not been reinstated as an equal.

DG: No, Rick's in there. There are one or two legal things slightly unresolved from Rick's agreement when Roger threw him out in 1979, and there are other reasons of *his*. Mostly that he didn't want to get involved in the lawsuits, so he was not involved in the *risk*, in any possible loss financially, and consequently reaped less of the profits, which Nick and I took more of, as we were the ones who put *all* the money up to put the record and the tour together. The record company gave us an advance when we *delivered* the record, which covered all the recording costs. And then the tour was a *load* of money to put together under threat of lawsuit and the injunctions from Roger which could have stopped the whole thing. And if we couldn't get the receipts in from the shows, our accounts were shot down and we could have lost everything. A waste.

I'm sure we could have gotten someone else to put up the money, but anyone who puts up money wants a large slice of the profits. And I believed in it totally. I knew we were going to do well, so screw it.

M: Your prospects are better now.

DG: Yeah. As I'm not under any imminent threat of a lawsuit, it's not a problem.

M: And Rick's not involved even after the disposal of those problems?

DG: Well, I'm a really selfish person, and Rick is not realistically going to put in as much effort next time as I do. I'm very happy for Rick to be part of it all, but I can't see any's still my life, and a *lot* of my life, and I didn't fight my way through all that lot just to start handing out larger chunks than they deserve to anyone who comes around. [laughs] If that sounds ruthless, it's not - it's just the hard reality. Rick is happy to sail off on his yacht and be part of this thing, and earn very good money out of it. He doesn't like shouldering responsibility, so it's a very good arrangement.
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Re: The truth about Rick Wright's contribution on The Wall

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DarkSideFreak wrote: Fri Apr 23, 2021 5:14 pm
OK thanks, I tried to look at a video but that didn't really show anything. But he did play the synth solo as on the record, right?
According to James Guthrie, yes. Someone (on the web) said no, it was Peter Wood: too different style, and Rick never played live the solo as on the record. Anyway, I don't think Peter Wood was the right choice for Pink Floyd: his piano playing especially is very unfloyd. However, he played great hammond on What shall we do now.