Dark Side of the Moon Movie Syncs

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Dark Side of the Moon Movie Syncs

Post by The_Protagonist » Fri Oct 18, 2019 4:11 pm

Hello there. newbie on the forum here, and I'm looking for some help from someone a bit more knowledgeable than myself. I remember watching, about a year ago, a Space documentary that was very well synced with Pink Floyd's "Dark Side of the Moon." However, i cannot find it now! I know for a fact that it is not "A space Odyssey", but is in fact about a 1:40: and some-odd seconds long documentary, with the camera flying through space, suns, stars, nebulae, and all along side DSotM. It was similar to "A space odyssey", but the visuals seemed to be more alongside tech from around say 2010. It was exhilarating; especially as i was high as a stoned kite.

I wish to share this one with a friend, and I've googled and googled, but cannot find it again. has anyone else seen anything like this?

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Re: Dark Side of the Moon Movie Syncs

Post by theaussiefloydian » Tue Oct 29, 2019 2:32 pm

I'm not sure how to help you here, as this could be more or less anything. Was DSotM playing in the movie, or were you listening to it alongside the film?