If A Movie Was Going To Be Made About Pink Floyd...

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If A Movie Was Going To Be Made About Pink Floyd...

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...Who would you cast?

Richard Gere would obviously be the perfect Roger Waters circa 1983 or so (With makeup) to the present (Without makeup).

I've always felt Johnny Depp, after a bit of makeup, would be a good Syd Barrett circa 1960s (Although Depp is getting up their in age, Hollywood can do some very dazzling things with makeup).

I think Billy Crudup (Russell Hammond in Almost Famous) and Karl Urban (Éomer in LOTR: The Two Towers) would be decent selections for a younger David Gilmour, although they would not be the best selections in the world I am sure.

I can't think of anyone for Mason and Wright.

If I could only cast two big-time actors, I would cast Richard Gere as Roger Waters (Latter years) and Kevin Spacey as David Gilmour (Latter years). Spacey isn't an overly good selection when you compare them physically (At least without makeup), but I think he could play Gilmour, in his latter years, very well.

What do you think?
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Post by bertblotto »

Robert DeNiro as David Gilmour
Burt Reynolds as Nick Mason
Ian McKellan as Richard Wright
David Bowie as Roger Waters
Robert Downey Jr as Syd Barret
Star Jones as the inflatable Pig. (OK, i"m sorry!)
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Post by bong »

Adolf Hitler as Roger.
Mr.t as Dave
Howard Stern as Syd
Ted Kaczynski as Nick
Most High as Rick (they both do blow).


Possibly Wesley willis as Roger since they both share the gift of musical genius.
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Post by mosespa »

Hmmmm...who would I cast?

I don't know...but I've got some ideas...some of these are just for fun, but if you think about it...it's probably what Hollywood would do.

Syd Barrett--Johnny Depp (good call, R.)
Roger Waters--Jared Leto or perhaps the guy from American Psycho
David Gilmour--Leonardo DiCaprio
Richard Wright--Robert Downey Junior
Nick Mason--Richard "Cheech" Marin

Just a thought.
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Post by JML »

Directed by: Stephen Spielberg
Music By: Madonna

Roger: Pierce Brosnan
Dave: Tom Hanks
Nick: David Schwimmer
Rick: Brad Pitt

Also starring: Haley Joel Osment, Madonna etc.

And there would not be Syd, no drugs, no booze, no sex. Only warm family crap stuff!

Or maybe I saw a nightmare.
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Post by Furious »


i cannot choose anyone yet - i havent had enough alcohol tonight.
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Post by shadrach »

leonardo dicaprio in catch me if you can when he had long hair reminded so much of david gilmour when he had long hair
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Post by Tommy »

shadrach wrote:leonardo dicaprio in catch me if you can when he had long hair reminded so much of david gilmour when he had long hair
yea i was thinkin the same thing during catch me if you can
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Post by Prkl »

Richard Dean Anderson (a.k.a. MacGyver) for Richard Wright!