The Wall Movie on DVD - 1st November

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You going to buy this?

Not sure
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Pugs on the Wing wrote:No, as everyone else above me said, I already have it on DVD.

Maybe if there were some goodies, but just a repackaging isn't enough of a goodie.

BTW, why does Storm have his hand in it? Isn't that moving in on Scarfe's domain a little?
Why was Storm involved with the pompeii cover for that matter, and not the band? It's amazing that there are many who have worked with PF and Waters after they parted ways...

I'm lucky, that I just got a dvd I have bought only three dvd's, Pompeii, In the Flesh and the Wall recently (I get real pissed about all the re-releases these days too...I'm curious about the Final Cut, and how When the Tigers...fits in, but, buy it again? Geez. I pretty much bought Echoes for that song)...

So, I have slightly nicer packaging and a poster... :?