hello from sweden

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hello from sweden

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My name is Daniel.A 33 year old music lover from sweden.I have been a casual Floyd fan for a long time,but it is recently that i have really became a fan of this awesome band.. i wanna do this the right way..I have all the studio albums and some official live albums and some boots..But alot of their music is new to me..maybe i should FIRST listen to all the studio albums in order first..then live stuff and bootlegs and stuff.. i wanna explore this band the right way.. what do you say folks?

One more thing..besides the official Floyds dvds what is the best
compilations on dvd with Pink Floyd to download? there is so many video anthologys and stuff..I want the best compilations of stuff from 66 and forward? And what live bootlegs is a must have for any Floyd fan?

thanks and cheers from Daniel
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Re: hello from sweden

Post by henno »

hey daniel welcome to NPF!!!
i came upon floyd in probably the following order

the wall
piper at the..

and then nearly all the rest as quickly as i could..i was hooked!!

hope you enjoy here!! see ya around...
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Re: hello from sweden

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Hello neighbor (from Estonia I am) :D
I'd start with classic albums, but I suspect you already have. And I would not advise to miss other albums, like early stuff especially - A Saucerful Of Secrets, A Piper... and Atom Heart Mother are definitely among my top 5.

As for unofficial videos of PF, that's tough... probably The Wall Live.