Hi, Fellow Voyagers

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Hi, Fellow Voyagers

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Really won't be posting too much, you guys are a bit too into the details for me, but occasionally I'll be wondering about something having to do with PF. They're on of the few bands I have always listened to often over many years. Saw em in 1970 my only real chance to, and it was kind of a bust. Literally. The cops shut off the power first song, right as Nick was starting his Astronomy Dominie riff. Started walking through the crowd, busting people in the back etc. Eventually they turned the power back on and the band kind of just tried to mellow things out. Eventually someone cut through the roof trying to get in for free climbed down a rope which broke. Thankfully he was the only one hurt. He broke his leg.
Just listened to Atomheart last night after having dined on some tasty mushrooms. MMmmm.
From the greatest country in the world, or should I say the greatest fascist state. Looking to get out, but there I things I just have to attend to.
All of you take care and don't forget, although many of you seem to disagree, There IS someone up above.
Best Wishes
Randy J.
(just thought of my username on the spur of the moment, really means nothing. Could not log on under the one I made a couple years ago.

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Re: Hi, Fellow Voyagers

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Well, if your posts are going to be rare, at least they are good going by that one.