Gary Kemp of Nick's Saucerful of Secrets releases album

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Gary Kemp of Nick's Saucerful of Secrets releases album

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Gary Kemp, guitarist and co-lead vocalist of Nick's Saucerful of Secrets has released a solo album.

The album includes other members of NMSoS: Lee Harris and Guy Pratt. Unfortunately, no Nick it appears.

The songs have a clear PF influence, with some of the guitar work and the solo on the song 'In Solo' being reasonably Gilmourish. The song itself may be PF influenced, but his melodic sense is different from PF, and I wonder if the song could better be compared to the Alan Parsons Project. There are clear prog rock touches, I feel. I do think it's worth Pink Floyd fans having a listen.

Unfortunately other songs I've heard from the album are not Floydian at all. E.g. the rather middle of the road 'Ahead of the Game'.

Oh, and Gary may have been a member and main songwriter of another band of note. :D