Freddie Bannister RIP

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Freddie Bannister RIP

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1934 - 2019

As a valued member of our Rock Music Memorabilia community, we wanted you to know that, sadly, Freddy Bannister passed away on Sunday, following a short battle with cancer. It was, poignantly, 40 years to the day since his last Knebworth festival.

We are obviously devastated. Beyond his achievements as one of the leading promoters of the ‘60s and ‘70s, he was a hugely loyal and devoted father and husband, who would have celebrated his 60th wedding anniversary to Wendy next year. We can't currently imagine a world without him in it.

On behalf of Freddy, we want to say thanks to everyone for your support across the years - he always loved hearing about people's experiences from the festivals and was delighted whenever anyone got in touch to say how much they enjoyed reading his book.

Let the memories live on...

Henrietta & Wendy Bannister
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Re: Freddie Bannister RIP

Post by henno »

Ah shit, sorry to hear that actually.

Years ago I sent Wendy off some roios I had from Knebworth for her research and she sent me on a box set of the 1974 gig I think, with a booklet within signed by freddy.

Its really sad the amount of Floyd related people that are passing away these days.