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Re: Robert Wyatt & Soft Machine

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Well it's been a while since I posted in this thread.
I have got "Hidden Details" by what's passing itself of as Soft Machine. And it's doing a great job!
Marshall/Etheridge and Babbington were a great triumvirate in the band after the classic Wyatt triumvirate had augmented and left.
Theo Travis treads the fine line of Tribute act and forward thinking relevancy.
The discussion of member making an album without Nick and calling it Pink Floyd are irrelevant.
Only whereas The Endless River appeared like storm clouds before descending on light to the ground, Hidden Details sees the band pick themselves up from the gutter and walk on.
There's a finality to The Endless River that isn't on this new Soft Machine.
Why couldn't they have done this sooner? Just be grateful it's returned at all!