Gerald Scarfe - Tear Down the Wall... in Germany

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Gerald Scarfe - Tear Down the Wall... in Germany

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The man behind the caricatures featured in Pink Floyd's The Wall, as well as many illustrations in newspapers and his own books, has his work on exhibition in Germany between 22nd September and 11th November 2009.


Exhibition Guide PDF 6MB

Gerald Scarfe is one of the greatest English caricaturists and set designers. „The Wall“ work was famous primarily for his work as art director for the epochal concept album "The Wall" by 1978 –1979 for the rock group Pink Floyd, the resulting film with numerous animation sequences and related concerts, for which he also designed the stage setting up.

For the first time his drawings and animations for the concert and the film "The Wall" by Pink Floyd, which arose from 1978 to 1991, acknowledged in Germany in an exhibition. Scarfe but only on Pink Floyd's The Wall cut "would mean let the eminent political and satirical illustrator ignore, as he is very well known in the Anglo-Saxon world. That is why his work for Pink Floyd will be complemented by a selection from his political cartoons and satirical portraits, with Scarfe's political scene and its actors accompanied newspapers like the New Yorker or The Sunday Times has for decades critically. Even those in Germany previously unknown side Scarfe in Moritzburgwollen first time we are fully featured.

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Re: Gerald Scarfe - Tear Down the Wall... in Germany

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So the doctor never made the cut