David Gilmour in Concert - Channel 4 at 00:35 on 21st Oct

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Please explain to me exactly how this is starting a supposed Gilmour/Waters debate:
I would bet that if Roger got back in P-F the same ones bitching about Dave would shut thier pieholes.
Roger is never going to be a part of the machine known as "Pink Floyd," and thank goodness.
So people just hate Dave for being Dave and they will never change.
I don't think anyone in here "hates" David. I have little respect for him, but that doesn't mean I hate him. I don't like what he did with Pink Floyd. In addition, I don't think he could write a GREAT song on his own if his life depended on it. IMO, he's a very good guitarist and singer, but nothing more really.
They loved him when Roger was in P-F, after Roger left the rest was trash.It really is a joke.
You're right. Mauve Floyd really is a joke...A VERY SICK joke. :lol:


The first section of the above is stating it like it is. Roger will never join, or re-join if you like, Pink Floyd. I called them a machine because that's what I think the current Floyd are. I'm saying "thank goodness" because IMO such a re-union would only be for further fame and money, and IMO such a thing would not be good for the legacy of Pink Floyd, or what is left of it anyway.

In the second part I am stating it like it is. Clearly nobody in here hates David Gilmour. I am also stating my feelings on Gilmour, which show that while I have little respect for him, I do not hate him.

The third section is me spinning around the quoted sentence of "It really is a joke," which is revealed by the :lol:

Perhaps I should not have wrote the third section, and perhaps I should not have referred to the current Floyd as a machine. I really don't see what the big deal is, though. Perhaps you should say something to Bong for accusing me of hating David Gilmour. It seems like aggression towards ME, and aggression towards any members on here is prohibited. I certainly did not appreciate the post and do not see its value in this thread. At least I am being somewhat constructive.
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Bong, please dont initiate Gilmour Vs Waters debates with people. Enough of them have been seen already.