In The Flesh

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In The Flesh

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Sorry to be blunt about this but I have now seen In the flesh Pink Floyd tribute band at the Hippodrome Bristol.
The Bristol Evening post gave them 8/10 but I'm afraid that night they were terrible I walked out. Two days later I was told others had also walked out before the half time.
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Re: In The Flesh

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I saw them at Welwyn Garden City in April and I would give them 7/10. The keyboard player seems to be the band leader with his keyboards set up right at the front of the stage and making the announcements. His volume was dominant compared to the guitar at times and they seemed more comfortable with the material from 'Dark Side' onwards and at times sounded convincingly Floyd like. 'Comfortably Numb' and 'Another Brick in the Wall Part 2' were particularly good. But the guitarist didn't seem to know what to do on 'Echoes' and the end solo of 'Pigs (Three Different Ones) and I was disappointed that the middle seagull section on 'Echoes' was pre-recorded when there's excellent tutorials on Youtube for guitarists on how to obtain the sound. The highlight was the female vocalist's solo on 'The Great Gig in the Sky'. She did it brilliantly - I would go as far as to say I've never heard it done better. Visually, the lights and projections were good, but that's surely expected of any theatre playing Floyd tribute now. They also gain credit for doing 'Not Now John', the first time I've heard anyone do it.
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Re: In The Flesh

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Sadly this is not a new complaint about the In The Flesh Floyd tribute. If you take a quick look at their website and see their touring schedule it's not surprising that the shows can often feel a little lacklustre.

In the Flesh

With regards the comment about their performance of Echoes, there really is no excuse. I can understand, however, that a rigorous touring schedule coupled with a revolving door of session guitarists and other musicians must make the band anything but cohesive. But these guys do it as a day job and who here can say that they give 100% to their day job?

Granted, In The Flesh have an awesome stage show and considerable financial backing but to me that echoes the Wall tours' mentality of style over substance (probably closer to the real thing than I give them credit for then!).

Give me the more intimate shows inspired by the UFO gigs any day though I could possibly stretch to the Dark Side/WYWH/Animals tours given a seat right up front!

Personally, I much prefer keeping my love of Pink Floyd a hobby and spending my free time working on the songs in order to convey that Floydian je ne sais quoi with heart and soul.

I work with Darkside and we recently filled in for one of the In The Flesh shows in Wolverhampton. We like to think that we capture both the spirit and the tonality of the music without being afraid to add to or adapt the originals to provide that genuine 'live' feel.

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