can you feel the love?

Discuss Pink Floyd tribute acts including NPF projects too!
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can you feel the love?

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i wanted to start this thread to express my appreciation to everybody who has contributed to the npf tribute. i've really had a great time here at npf and i hope to continue to be involved with this group for a very long time.

the idea that we can all connect and put such a spectacular tribute to our favorite band together just blows my mind. submissions to the tribute came in from almost every corner of the globe. not only are there some great songs on the album, but so much cool artwork in the booklet as well. the advent of the internet has made it a very small world.

and, of course, the excitement continues with a live show in hove next month, and volume 2 to follow later. i am so happy to see that it's not over yet. it exciting that for those of us who can't make it to the portland rock bar for the live show, there's still an opportunity to be involved by sending in a video. (bummer i don't own a video camera :( )

so, in closing i'd like to thanks keith jordan for putting together such a great resource for all of us floydians. thanks to everybody who submitted their songs and artwork for the rest of us to share. thanks are certainly in order for all of those folks who are part of a vine to distribute the cds so that everybody gets a chance to listen to the tribute. thank you damn!t, gunner & crew for putting together such a slick looking package for the tribute. and finally a big thank you to stuart who did such a great job putting the cds together. i'm very impressed with you all. i know i'm neglecting some of you moderators and such. sorry. i don't know everybody involved. i hope you feel the love just the same.

btw, if you'd like to show your appreciation, why not send a copy of the tribute to stu (simpledumbpilot) so that he gets the 100 copies he needs to give away at the live show? he's really worked hard at this and doesn't ask for much in return. let's help the guy out. i sent him a few copies and i'm all the way out here on the left coast of america! come on. do it. it'll be good for your karma.

this concludes the warm and fuzzy portion of our progam. feel free to talk amongst yourselves and mingle. don't forget to tip your server, and please drive safely.

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:smt041 :smt041 :smt041 :smt041

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Yes, I feel the love :smt049