Stage length/seating advice

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Stage length/seating advice

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Hi all,

Just curious as to how long David's stage is. I have 2nd row, right side (25 seats from the center) for the July 2nd concert in Rome. I will be taking my 2 daughters that are both under age 9 and would like a clear view for them (at 6'5 I don't usually need to worry about myself versus the poor folks behind me). I had bought the tickets on a 3rd party website which didn't list seat numbers versus row & section. So....any thoughts? Good enough or try again & hope for better seating and try to sell off the ones I have?

Thanks in advance.

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Re: Stage length/seating advice

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these seats should be fine. david stands about 5 or so seats right of center, so if you can get your girls closer, do. but these seats will be fine.

have a great show.