Roger Waters Us & Them Film Oct 2019

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Re: Roger Waters Us & Them Film Oct 2019

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All of these boring old fart films yet no concert films from 1974-1980. Why would I want to watch a video of a completely overblown production wherein Waters plays inferior versions of songs that were perfected by pink floyd 40+ years ago?
dfloyd wrote:
Sat Oct 05, 2019 11:17 am
to promote peace and love and 'a plea for humanity,
Nothing essential in this world needs to be promoted. Waters is promoting himself and the politics of those forces to which he must answer. When you see him ranting in his bathrobe it signifies the pressure he is under.

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Re: Roger Waters Us & Them Film Oct 2019

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Is everyone aware that the Us and Them dvd was made available on iTunes for a short time until it got pulled?

If anyone wants info on where to find it PM me


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Re: Roger Waters Us & Them Film Oct 2019

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There's a version on Amazon PRIME in the UK, but I would prefer a Blu-ray (perhaps even a 4K) with the the full sound effects.