Samples/soundbites on "ITtLwRW?" (or other records?)

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Samples/soundbites on "ITtLwRW?" (or other records?)

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Dear friends!

I was wasting my time on random YouTube-clips, and was watching this one showing jet aircrafts on extremly low altitude. Listen to the sound at 1:40 on this clip... Wohaha, or how you would pronounce it... I guess this is the end of the track "Bird in a gale", one of my favorites.

Full clip:

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Re: Samples/soundbites on "ITtLwRW?" (or other records?)

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Very interesting topic. I found the source of those strange sounds at the beginning of Broken Bones. When I first heard it I thought it could be a wolf or a coyote, but as an ornitologist I noticed something interesting in the lyrics of Bird in Gale. 'The loon is howling at the sea'. The loon is a sea/lake bird and I knew its english name. And this led me to discover the source of this sounds in Broken Bones. This is actually the loon howling at the beginning of that song.
You can hear it clearly at 1:45 here: