Front centre floor seats on US and Them tour?

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Front centre floor seats on US and Them tour?

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Hi all,

Caught the show in Chicago and had nice seats up and a bit back to the right. I thought they went pretty well for the concert presentation.

Will catch the show in Zurich on the 29th. I found 6th row centre floor seats being sold online for $200 each (face value $300). At $200 they're cheaper than everything but the nosebleed seats... and $100 less than the 2nd tier seats I was planning to get up in the mezzanine. (price categories....$500, $300, $250, $225, $175)

So....has anyone seen the show up front (Or better yet, up front & on the sides)? Did you feel as if you were part of the show? Did you get the laser effects (I.e. at the end with the prism)? We're you able to see the screens at all? It seems as if the large centre screen can only be enjoyed by those with seats on the side? On another note...I'm taking my 11 year old daughter...obviously front centre will mean I might need to take a seat booster and have her stand on the chair for the songs when everyone else is standing.

Well thanks in advance for any advice

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Re: Front centre floor seats on US and Them tour?

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the closer you are you will see how much the fraudster is ripping people off by miming

300 sheets to listen to a band with pre recorded vocals [-X