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Something to Ponder

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I'm sure there must have been some discussion on this before: I was thinking the other day that it's interesting that Syd liked Brian Wilson's music. It's very intriguing to think about the fragile yet genius of their minds sharing a commond 'bond'. Was there some unique and unpopulated plane of thought in Brian's music that Syd was able to step right into? One can almost visualize the two of them standing in some strange landscape - nobody else around. They're, perhaps, looking at one another with a knowing nod and a little smile.

...or am I just goofy, tired and slap-happy since it's 2am? If so, forgive my ramblings! :roll:
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I've moved this to the Syd section of the forum for you.
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Welcome aboard, laemmons! We're happy to have you here.... :D
To be honest, I've never even put Brian Wilson and Syd Barrett in the same thought-sentence, so I'm afraid that I have no signifigant opinion on this for you... sorry! But wanted to welcome you, nonetheless... :wink:
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The only time I've thought of Brian Wilson and Syd Barrett together was when I listened to the 1967 reconstruction of Smile and thought "hmm, Brian Wilson is like Syd Barrett if he got better."

I hate it when people romanticize insanity/drugs, myself.
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Brian Wilson, Syd Barrett and Peter Green in the Mad Mansion For Reclusive Rockstars: who does the washing up?

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All those guys are survivors (not including the now-sadly departed Syd).

They all made it past the nasty age 27 which plucked so many good people off the earth!
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Here is something else to I was reading the info about the auction I read this..... ....... ..........

Also up for sale are his bikes, which were hand painted by the former star, who lived out much of the last 30 years of his life as a recluse.

In a statement, Cheffins Auctioneers commented: "The auction will consist of items left by Syd in his Cambridge house. Syd spent his last years living a quiet, yet content life in Cambridge.

"Both his bikes, which he had used every day in Cambridge for visits to the local shops and pub were hand painted by Syd and will be included in this sale as will several pieces of furniture which Syd customised or made himself.

I didn't think a recluse spent everyday visiting shops and Pubs..... Hmmmmm any opinions? :?
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I totally agree, a recluse does not visit the pub. Actually it was nice to read that, it shows Roger was out and about and living his life on his own terms. I don't think he was a recluse at all, he just chose not to live a public life anymore, he chose a private life even though he had been a public figure. I think he figured he would kill himself if he kept going the way he was going with the fame, pressure, manic schedule, drugs etc and decided it was a choice of moving out of the public sphere or dying young like so many others did.

What was even more interesting is that there is a guitar. Now I doubt that he recorded anything but it's nice to know he might have still played music for his own pleasure. And there is a library of books along with art materials. This points to someone who did not abandon his art and live a lonely life waiting for the end, but someone who lived his own private life pursuing his interests in private.

Roger gave us a lot of pleasure as Syd, I hope he lived a fulfilling life as Roger Barrett after he left the music business and the public life which came with it.