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Groovybass77 wrote:Oh....ok. Im not up on this stuff im only 15.

me and my dad do everything around my house. we just installed some hardwood in one of the bedrooms of our new house. Now we are building an apartment in the basement. We built a room in our current basement...ive got pics as proof too, wanna see the room i built?
i too am 15 and i know what DIY means...but thats beside the point

i liked the elephant door knob too :) i want one :( maybe ill make one myself :D but im far from being an artist :cry:
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DBlaze wrote:i liked the elephant door knob too
Oh no, not again...

it?s HIPPO ! Why can?t you see !!! Take another look !!! :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: :lol:

good grief, next one?s will be shoot !