Syd?s auction, name your favorite item

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Blimey! The bike went for ?5,500! :shock:
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don?t you worry. You can ride it if you like it (Syd told you so) :lol:
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Wow! Did I ever enjoy seeing all of the items in Syd's auction. What I adore the most is the basic simplicity of his furniture pieces.

Some of my favourites...

The bread box...
...was incredible - it's rough silence screamed such a wonderful statement - I am a bread box, nothing more. I am a place to store bread, that is all, and that I do. It doesn't matter that I am not fancy. I assume he used the clothespins to clip the bread bags shut. I love it.

His garden bench...
...moved me. I imagined what it was like to sit on it. It was very peaceful and comfortable. A wonderful place to reflect on the garden he enjoyed planting so much.

His notebooks...
...would be the items I would have bid on. I want to read his random scribblings more than anything. It looks like he was working on a history book.

Someone mentioned his teddy bear earlier in the post.
I didn't see any teddy bear...?
It sounds like it would have been a wonderful item, though.

His wheelbarrow...
....should be in a musem as a great piece.
The wear and tear on it is wonderful.
It is gorgeous to look at and I would love to see it on display.

His little shelving unit where he took out the top shelf to fit taller things...
...I like that piece of furniture a lot.

I think the pillow case sold for far too much.
And I don't understand why his orginal blue bike sold for less than his new red one. I think the blue one is beautiful and isn't that the one he is riding in some of those later photos of him?