Syd's guitar style is over looked?

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Syd's guitar style is over looked?

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Second question of the day. People go on about Syd's lyrics, but isn't his guitar playing overlooked? For a start, his guitar tone on Piper always sounds really great, choppy, echoey, all the best sounds from a telecaster. Secondly, he is a good musician. Listen to Apples and Oranges, and he quotes at least 6 notes straight from Moonlight Sonata! It fits in so well it took me ages to notice!

Also, his sound and playing style may be overlooked as "the not so technically minded guitarist of Pink Floyd" but he influenced Indie music. Indie bands seem to have an afinity with playing telecasters in a sough choppy abrasive style, and I can think of nobody else but Barrett who had that sound in the '60s. Take the modern group Bloc Party. Their sound is basically 100% telecasters with delay pedals!
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His solos in the 66/67 version of IO are better than anything Gilmour ever recorded with Pink Floyd.

And his weird slide solo in the Look of the Week thing is really good, too
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Well, good morning my breakfast.

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Finaly someone who pointed this out!!!! I agree completly....Syd was an amazing guitar player!!!! the work he did in PATGOD still amazing and hard to reproduce !!!! I hate when people say that he was not verry skilled...just because he didn't played solos like Guilmor...I mean he did have a different style...that's all...but it doesn't mean that he is not makes no sens at all!!!

When u listen for exemple the begining of Interstellar Overdrive ..the version they played in Halloween 66...that early version...the begining of the verry hard to's verry fast...tarantaran james bonds or something....

but that's nothing...the guitar in Lucifer sam and aples and oranges for exemple are verry are my knolege...
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Yes, I agree... His guitar-work with Pink Floyd is impressive, subtle and very creative. Syd doesn't sound egocentric like some artists--his performances seem more about the material than about him as a musician.

Some great guitar on the 'Barrett' album (I think having Rick on board may have boosted his confidence), he really wails at the end of "Gigolo Aunt" and "Wolfpack." Then there's the preternatural "backwards" solo (actually played forwards?) on "Dominoes." Amazing.

Excellent rhythm guitarist too--even on solo tracks like "Milky Way," "Word Song," and the "Rats" demo (the last two recorded live in studio, each in a single take).

Marvelous slide solos/leads: "Interstellar Overdrive" ('66-'67 version), "See Emily Play"--such pure sound--and "Remember A Day." Listen closely to "Late Night." Who plays guitar like that...?

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I think Sid Berat wasn't THAT great guitarist. But very good.

It's the songs he wrote what made him great. Not guitar playing.