LSD Overdose

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Re: LSD Overdose

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Can you overdose from LSD? There has been no documented HUMAN cases of death. The Homo Sapien mind is very interesting... Have you really listened to Syd Barrett's was just a little give that mind LSD...I don't my opinion...give that person a heavy dose of acid, and you'll see the mind's eye...if you have or are predispositioned towards mental problems, they are likely to be amplified. Perhaps I'm opinionated, but you guys are talking ten hits...what...270 mg of a STRONG hit...realistically...27 hits..."all along the watchtower." Not that I know anything of drug use. I know owlsley wasnt providing them with acid. So let's just say the Sandoz company was...not that I can verify this, you're telling me..Syd Barrett went schizo from ten hits, that's bs. Merry Prankster.