Pink Floyd - Atom Heart Mother

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Re: Pink Floyd - Atom Heart Mother

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Not much of a concept, given the content of "If" and "Summer '68" don't have anything to do with the pastoral theme. They went into the studio empty-handed, since they're weren't able to make an album from their Zabriskie Point sessions. They recorded the basic version of the title track, and handed it off to Ron Geesin to do whatever he wanted. The fact that they each wrote one song, and then assembled another piece to fill out that side, probably just came down to equal division of labor. "Rise and Shine" is based on keyboard parts that Rick played during the major key version of "Careful With That Axe, Eugene" during the ZP sessions ("Explosion" on Devi/ation) and "Sunny Side Up" is essentially a half-tempo version of "Love Scene Version 7", but with pedal steel guitar added (since he bought it while touring in between). "Recorded March through August" sounds like a lot of time, but they also worked on Barrett (a lot of which fits nicely with Side 2), Music From 'The Body' (with all of them appearing on "Give Birth to a Smile"), played at least 9 shows, rebuilt their quadraphonic sound system, and began discussions with Roman Polanski, Roland Petit, and others for a really bizarre project that was ultimately aborted (though they ended up doing a few performances with Petit's ballet a few years later). The whole album was pretty much thrown together as quickly as possible, because their next tour was scheduled to start before they'd even be able to release it. To add to the confusion, Syd was still loitering in the studio while they worked on it.